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So it is that time of the year again. When i spend more time on booking and airline websites -as if i do less in general-. When i look on my calendar more than anytime. When there is no time for anything. It is officially fashion month! Therefore it is time to sit back and write down and plan to-travel list for this season. Milan √ , Paris √, New York… Not sure. I am in between going and staying. Finally, that time comes.. first day of New York Fashion Week is ended, and second… and just on the time before going bed on the third day, i don’t know from where but there it is extreme enthusiasm comes that kicks me out of bed so badly that just in a second, i find myself booking for a flight for the next morning! It is so last minute that even check in is closed. I have no place to stay in NYC and no luggage packed yet. (well i have been lucky. that story also will be on TRAVEL section soon-ish) But whatever, if i don’t do it now, i know myself, i won’t be happy about it. So well, i make myself to airport on next morning and just in few hours (let’s say 12, but no complain!) i find myself in NYC. Then, ta-daa! My NYFW starts and here it is our iconic CATCH on Motion video for New York Fashion Week. Hope you enjoy and watch it to the end! I mean think about the poor homeless me in NYC and do it now! Apart from that, check the PHOTOS from the NYFW too! See you soon somewhere in Europe!


Also check my instagram for what i am on now – or where i am going!

Finally having my room tonight -with a view.

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